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Pass your teaching exam with the help of our resources

         In here you will find study guides designed for educators who are in the process of obtaining teaching certifications.  We offer affordable study guide test prep material for teachers who would like to become high school, middle school, elementary level teachers. 

To become a teacher we all know that you need to become certified in subject matter, which means preparing for exam whether it's praxis 2, FTCE, NYSTCE, MTEL or any other type of state test exam and passing it with a successfull score.  We have study test prep material in the form of e-books consisting of exam secrets for teachers and flash cards for high school level, middle school and elementary level teachers and even tutors.

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Our Teacher Test Prep Services for Educators



Can't seem to pass your Teaching Certification Test for your State Why Not Hire a Tutor?


Search For Your Local/Online Tutor to help you prepare for your Teaching Certification Test.

We realize that leveraging study guides to prepare for your teaching certification test may not necessarialy be the only option, especially for educators who failed exam multiple times and simply can't pass it.   Our Tutoring Services LLC Agency specializes in test preparation for student educators, future teachers, existing student teachers, or substitute teachers who are in the process of obtaining their teaching certification degree, and need help in preparing for their rigorous exam.  To find your tutor simply click on the image above.






Being a teacher can also have other benefits such as making money part time after school working as independent tutor






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Benefits of Passing Teaching Certification Exam

1.  Better Employment Opportunities

2.  Better Qualifications

3.  Flexibility to be working as Content Developer and Online Tutor

4.  Better Job Opportunities



Educators Are you Looking to make some part time income Teaching Students Academic Subjects?

If you answered Yes, then this is another reason why it's probably a good idea for you to pass your teaching certification test.  Doing so will open up flexibility for you to be advertised and shown on our specifically created for independent tutors looking to get paid from tutoring students on part time basis.  Passing your exam can help you increase qualifications and get your self in the door.

By becoming registered tutor on Tutoring Services site, educators can make part time income simply helping other educators prepare for their teaching certification test locally or online, or help general academic school k-12, college and university students learn math, science, chemistry, biology, law, SAT, GRE, Praxis, MTEL, ORELA, CSET, FTCE, NES or any other tests, you name it.


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In addition to study guides site, we created books site specifically for college/university students allowing, students to sell books to each other directly on campus, save money on expensive college bookstore fees and help this world stay Greener by reusing textbooks and not cutting trees. 

Our site also allows students to Buy or Rent Books from multiple online college bookstores, helping students chose college/university book at the cheapest price.   So what are you waiting for Visit UsedCollegeBooks.NET today.

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About CSET Exams The teaching certification exam (CSET) stands for California Subject Examinations for Teachers, one of the many US state teaching certification tests that gives college or university students get the opportunity of obtaining their teaching license to be able to work as an educator or...
States: Colorado
New York State Teacher Certification Examinations


Each year, thousands of teacher graduates are hoping to establish a better and brighter career by taking a NYSTCE teaching licensure exam that will give them the higher qualification to work at schools or other educational centers and institutions. For this matter, the NYSTCE certification test or the...


MTEL exam Test Prep General Info for Massachusets State Educators   As the actual test day draws closer for the MTEL examination, more anxious students are in search for the best study guides to help them pass the teaching licensure exam to earn their teaching license. What is the MTEL? And what...
Praxis II

Praxis II

 About praxis 2 exams general info Prepare for Praxis 2 exams the right way Study for your exam with flash cards, exam secrets and other resources that we constantly list on this site, or search for your exam code on the top right corner of this site to find test preparation resources...


ABCTE Study Guide Resources Test Prep Prepare for Teaching Certification test with ABCTE study guide materials from StudyGuide.NET, we have variety of study guide resources to help you pass your teaching certification test and stay on track with your career.The ABCTE Exam or American Board for Certification...