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TExES Exam 231 High School 7-12 ELA & Reading Info

TExES study guide for Grade 7-12 English Language Arts and Reading Exam

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TExES Exam 231 English Language Arts & Reading Information

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About TExES English Language Arts and Reading  Grade 7-12 Test


The TExES (231) English Language Arts and Reading exam is a tough and thorough test, doing well on this exam means being able to tackle core subject area topics in English Language.

Online test preparation + study guides is just one of the methods you can leverage before taking your test.  Proper preparation, is essential for being able to do better on your exam and improve chances of increasing your English Language Arts Score.  This site is designed to help Texas educators necessary learning tools in effort to prepare for their teacher certification Middle/High School Grade Level 7-12 exam.

Study Tip Preparation Advice/Tactic

Before taking your exam consider

  • Going thorough review for the TExES English Language Arts and Reading 7-12 Exam
  • Understand concepts of early literacy development, word identification, and reading fluency
  • Get Better with analysis of reading comprehension and written language skill
  • Before registering for your test, be sure to review for from more then just offical guide, but also review tih comprehensive practice questions & detailed answer explanations

Exam information and what's on the Test

The Oral Language, Early Literacy Development, Word identification, and Reading Fluency section covers:

  • History of the English language
  • Linguistics
  • Parts of speech
  • Punctuation
  • Creativity
  • Value of making a logical anaylsis of a speech topic
  • Persuasion
  • Reading drama

The Reading Comprehension and Written Language section covers:

  • Genres
  • Drama
  • Poetry
  • Important literary contributors
  • Understanding the topic
  • Writing
  • Research papers
  • Paragraphs
  • Literary devices

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Exam information and Sections that you must get familiar with when studying for 231 English Language Arts and Reading exam


The Integrated Language Arts, Diverse Learners and the Study of English section covers:

  • Dialect
  • Compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences
  • Drawbacks to wordprocessing spell checkers
  • SSBI classroom teaching approach
  • Research findings about vocabulary instruction


The Literature, Reading Processes and Skills for Reading section covers:

  • Geoffrey Chaucer
  • Poetry
  • Novels
  • Dramatic comedies
  • Rhetorical devices
  • Purposes of good dialogue
  • Literary examples of similes
  • Use of rhetoric
  • Figures of speech


The Written Communication section covers:

  • Persuasive media
  • Educational benefits of digital media
  • Attributes and benefits of certain organizational patterns
  • Whole-class learning circles
  • Incorporating active student listening into lessons
  • Teaching strategies to encourage discussion


The Oral Communication and Media Literacy section covers:

  • Persuasive techniques
  • Technical material for non-technical readers
  • Logical fallacies
  • Citing sources
  • Essays
  • Coherence vs. cohesion
  • Observation
  • Teaching strategies to address student and family diversity







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