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TExES Music 177 Grades EC-12 | Study Resources & Info


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Tackle your Music EC-12 TExES 177 Music Test  with Practice Questions and Exam info

Study for your elementary, middle and high school Music all in one TExES 177 EXAM with flash cards, exam secrets and other resources that we have conviniently listed for you on this site, or search for your exam code on the top right corner of this site to find test preparation resources for any other teaching certification exams.



About Grade EC-12 Music Test


The Music Theory and Composition section covers:

  • Inversions of triads and seventh chords
  • Circle of fifths
  • Relative minor vs. parallel minor
  • Music terms
  • Composing a harmonic progression with proper root motion

The Music History and Culture section covers:

  • Characteristics of music in the Medieval era
  • Impact of valved horns and trumpets
  • Blues
  • West African musical traditions
  • Australian Aboriginal music

The Music Classroom Performance section covers:

  • Classical singing timbre vs. popular music timbre
  • How sound is produced
  • Conducting
  • Instrumental rehearsal
  • Properties of sound that contribute to an instrument s tone quality
  • Maintaining student confidentiality and appropriate professional conduct
  • Transposition and instrumental ranges
  • Correcting intonation

The Music Education section covers:

  • Encyclopedias and dictionaries of music
  • Preventing student behavior issues
  • Practical teaching techniques
  • Minimizing financial cost of a music program
  • Preparatory education and training
  • Orff-Schulwerk lesson plan

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