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wifi consulting secrets

Learn concepts of WIFI and make money

So where do I begin?  Begin With Rome Wells advice.


Wait who to hell is Rome Wells?  Find out here

Get answers to most common questions such as..

  • What study materials exist to learn Wireless and RF concepts?
  • Is there going to be demand in the future for Wireless/WIFI & RF professionals?
  • What additional IT certs to get to diverisfy your self.
  • Where do I begin with WIFI site survey?
  • Which WIFI tool should I use for WIFI site survey?
  • How can I get these tools at good discounts?
  • Why should I learn how to do site survey?
  • Who needs wifi site survey?
  • How on earth do find clients in wifi site surveying?
  • How do I get motivated in learn more about site surveying?
  • How do I do the site survey?
  • Best tactics to prepare for WIFI site survey?
  • How to look professional when doing site survey?
  • How to make money doing site survey?
  • How to create professional proposals when providing site surveys?
  • What secret extra tools to use to make proposals looking real slick.
  • What secret tools to use for measurement of floor plans.
  • How do I get help in marketing and increase my wifi client leads.
  • How do I know if i am on the right career wifi path or not?
  • How to advertize your own WIFI IT consultants and manage them.

Discover Secrets of WIFI

Learn how WIFI waves work, and learn how to make money doing wireless site surveys for big companies.  Discover what wifi tools exists to help you get the job done and learn how to use these tools and become RF WIFI Ninja. Learn how to hack into informational highway that is all around us that can guide you in the direction of success.

Number of wireless networks only continues to grow, interference issues are not going away any time soon, regardless if more or less channels are introduced, there is always going to be concepts of physics that you must understand realize and process in your head when delivering consulting services to other companies.  

Purpose of this Article

You probably already noticed that wifi is not an exam that you prepare for, but nevertheless it's the type of technology that you can study and prepare for.  On the site we show typically exams and how to prepare for these exams by listing courses, and study guides and tutors as well as any other resoruces.

In this case concept is a bit different, we show not only courses and study guides and wifi tutors that can help you better understand concepts of WIFI, but also show you WIFI and RF tools that can help you better understand concepts of WIFI and RF and use this knowledge in the real world.  

We will also show references of actual actual WIFI consultants and even show you methods for how you can become one too on part time basis! No need to quit your full time job.

We will show you how to combine hottest technology certifications together with your WIFI knowledge skill sets to be more marketable, which certifications to get that can help you stand out from the crowd, what online courses exist out and what is super cool to combine together as part of your career journey.

        Purpose of this article is to show you tactics for how to make money from knowing what exists in the air waves, and also to discover what tools exist that can simplify your job of wifi site surveying and to help you learn how to provide better wifi consulting service as well as helping you learn how to increase your chances of getting more wifi client leads so this way you can actually make more money doing something super kewl!


Are you an IT consultant?

Other companies will rely on your service that you provide

The question is how do you learn it all?  How do you understand concepts of RF what tools exist out there to help you do wireless site surveys? What is the secret?  These are the questions many students who are trying to become wifi site survey experts or RF professionals, often ask themselves.  

Regardless if you are a student trying to learn concepts of RF or if you are an existing consultant trying to supplement your self with extra income doing site surveying or any other information technology related work in combination with wireless solutions or integration services that you provide, concepts of RF and WIFI need to be properly understood. 

What we will share with you in this article is.

  • Wifi Tools and Discounts on WIFI site survey tools
  • Wifi Study Guides and Courses
  • Real world Examples of how to make money from wifi site surveying
  • Study Advice and Tactics
  • Internship opportunities for local CT NY and NJ area students 
  • Certifications to combine together for your own marketability on top of knowing WIFI.
  • Marketing Tactics to get new wifi client leads in your local area

What you will gain out of this article?

First of all you will get an opportunity to learn new concepts, 2nd of all you will get an opportunity to compare multiple tools and see their prices and decide which tool is best for your money and which tool to get based on Rome Wells recommendation advice.   

So WIFI tools for site survey?  

Which ones to consider getting?


1. Ekahau

2. NetSpot

3. TamaSoft

4. AirMagnet



Hot Certs to consider getting in addition to gaining WIFI knowledge?

Many students and IT consultants asked Rome Wells, which cert should they get that can help them stay afloat and stand out from the crowd?  

Here is Rome Wells explanation, based on Rome Wells predictions number of wireless devices is will rapidly increase, even with additional new channels in WIFI spectrum concepts of interference will always be present. This is Physics, no matter which way you look at it.  Whether you are designing for high density based network or low density there is always, always, always going to be variety types of air waves.  

Knowledge of these air-waves and flexibility to identify them, their signatures, how they behave, and what cause them to behave this way, and how to make sure that there is minimium interference and how to make sure that there is a faster wireless speed, is always going tobe required.  Regardless if there is going to be new channels introduced or not, regardless if there is going to be any new major break through, MIMO no MIMO does not matter.  There will always going to be the need for WIFI professionals.  

As information technology will advance further, it will make it easier to fight level of RF interference with the newly evolving tools, it will make it easier to identify interference, it will make it easier to reduce interference by leveraging variety of tools, it will make it easier to do so automatically in some cases, but it will never eradicate the need for having someone with the brain analyzing how it all behaves and adjusting wireless devices in the direction of faster speeds, throughput, bandwidth and lower levels of interference.  

There always going to be the need for someone who knows how to bend the rules in the direction of providing satisfactory type of wireless design for the client. Doesn't matter how technology evolves, whether new competitor comes to to rescue and destroy the need for WIFI such as, 4g, 5g, 6g, 100g or if something else gets developed, doesn't matter, concepts of waves will always be present in one way shape or form.  Understanding WIFI and RF waves concpets is the key in being able to stay afloat in the current markets as an information technology professional.

As the number of different types of devices being introduced in rapid expontential rate as the technology progresses and new arrival of the cloud and IoT emerges, it becomes inevitable for wireless industry to grow even further.   In case you want to read my book about Cloud, SDN and IoT go here.

So where does that leave you?

        Here is what Rome Wells, recommends, pick up the books, pick up the courses and hit the books hard and study smart and hard... all at the same time.  You may say no i am not convinced.  Rome Wells goal here is not to convince you to chose something you may not want to do (that is what other people mostly do, the type of people who did not open up gateway to information highway in their brain)

When you don't like something you want some one else to try it.... that is what you do.... helping you save money with my advice on wireless tools and helping you pick the right career path is what I Rome Wells do.... in a way that helps you get the upper edge, and stay ahead of your competitors.


So does that mean I should study how air waves work?

WIFI and RF Career advice from Rome Wells for Information Professional folks out there

Let me rephrase everything I said, what are just some of the recent technological developments you were able to see in the past decade?  Amazon Drones?  Advancement in Wireless technology? Cloud.... IoT.... lots of wireless devices..... a lot.... a lot a lot.... ?  Hint hint.....  

The advancement of technologies is so rapid that unless you learn how to take control of technology advancements and begin understanding it, you will simply be stuck behind.  These who do take control of their brain and learn and understand concepts of WIFI and RF are the ones who are going to be in major advantage in the many years to come.  

Plus as one of the bonus factors when it comes to RF waves and WIFI.... concepts of physics do not change... just like math ... does not change... the way math was 100 years ago.. the same math is today.

Same with physics.... same with latency... same with waves....  Want to be good at something that doesn't change much?  Be good in air waves, develop the skill of being able to understand how air waves work... and leverage that skill in combination with other skills.... that's Rome Wells advice.

Note if you are so worried about wireless trend going down....then diversify your self (Rome Wells shows you how) however.. i do not believe that Wireless air waves in general trend will ever go down.... there will always going to be the need for RF and Wireless professionals.

How to learn new WIFI skill and diversify your skill set

As part of the human nature everyone has desire not to change a lot and to stick to one thing... this is a common human instinct... and safety instinct.... but breaking apart from this instinct and knowing when is what can help you tap into informational highway that's all around us just like wifi air waves... (except you don't see it)   The key to breaking apart is diversification but within limits.

How Do I diversify my self?

One good way to diversify your self is pick up a cert that is globally recognizable, and is looked kindly upon by companies one such cert is called PMP.  Project management is one of the biggest factors when it comes to rolling out successfull project.  Having that under your belt can increase your overall competiveness and can even help you open up gateway to information highway. In fact I share with people how I managed to gain access to informational highway in my blog which you can read here.

       The informational highway that exists all around us... just like the air waves do (except no one sees it ... but less then 1% of human population feels it), the highway that you can tap into, providing that you learn concepts of helping people and removing greed from the equation, this concept applies regardless if you learning about how to cook, how to write, how to read, how to talk or how to catch air waves and understand them in such a way that can help your customers have faster wireless speeds.  

         The highway that can lead you in the right path of helping you get new client wifi leads, have companies calling you asking you to provide wifi site survey, have local students calling you asking you to teach them your wifi knowledge or other IT related knowledge, have international companies calling you to provide wireless survey with your project management skill set, have national companies calling you from multiple directions asking you to help them get marketed and have colleges and universities in the local area asking you to provide training in classrooms in wifi, project management, cyber security or whatever that you are good at. What was just descirbed here is informational highway.... that you can tap into or should I say small subset of that....

      Many people do not believe that such information highway exist, the true reason behind is because majority of people got stuck.... in one field... one aspect.... one topic.... one location.... one thought..... one process....

Discover how to get new WIFI client leads with Rome Wells help

     Rome Wells helps you break away the chains of being close minded, and show you how you can get new client wifi leads, how you can learn RF and WIFI site surveying business, how you can make money doing so and how you can diversify your self with other certifications and skill sets that can help you stay afloat and not feel stressful about the tough times of information technology consulting.  

Get your brain infused with WIFI knowledge from 3 companies

Rome Wells will infuse the power of 3 simultaneous companies into your brain, educational company, marketing company and consulting company to pass knowledge to you, that can help you get the upper edge in your local markets, helping you capture local wifi company business leads, small or medium or large size companies and not only that, but also even show you how you can get marketed your self in the form of a consulting profile, fetched from the central search engine designed by Rome Wells himself, directly onto your local IT consulting website showing your consulting wireless services, describing your skill sets and giving companies reason to hire you as their consultant and not some one else!  

Additionally you will learn how to get your own consultants on the map, and show them in a way that makes them presented the right way for other companies to find your wifi consulting service, as well as being able to search for your wifi consulting services and your consultants and contact you.


Here is what Rome Wells realizes....

Many companies are disconnected, that includes WIFI companies, that includes people, that includes companies who require wifi consulting services, that includes local geographical regions that includes international companies and that includes actual RF and WIFI concepts in human brain to help you understand how one factor interacts with one another..... all of that is disconnected or perhaps... it's not connected the way it should be!  

Rome Wells addresses issue at the root ....

What is the issue at the core?  You are not here... because you want to learn RF or WIFI skill set... you are not here to understand the tools... you are not here to discover any secrets or tricks... you are here because you want to be able to make money from your services that you provide to others..... 

That is the root of your quest... your quest is to learn how you can set yourself up in the right direction, how to get client leads, how to secure clients, how to diversify, your self so you don't end up getting screwed, how to learn wifi concepts to provide solution to businesses! This is why you are here!  Not because you want to learn cool wifi tricks!  

Let's address the issue at the core... the real philosphical reason why you are here... and the real reason... is .... knowledge... knoweldge that can help you secure your future... knowledge that can help you create that security blanket for your self... knowledge that can help you learn how to make money doing wifi site surveys.... knowledge that doesn't just place you in the single path of making money in one direction.... and the gradually getting extinct due to not following diversification.... 

Rome Wells understands all that, and limits of how far you can go and where to go and how to defend your self from going into the direction of capturing new knowledge, whether it's wifi, site survey, cyber security, integration of new systems, project management, education, marketing and intercombination of it all.  

Rome Wells is on the out-skirts of the informational highway, and delivering small out-skirts of that informational highway to you Information Technology consultant, future RF and WIFI consultant, existing student, wifi technology partner, company who is looking for wifi integration or consulting service or any one else for that matter....

So now you may say ok Well I haven't seen any advice yet from Rome Wells

How do I learn more about WIFI?  Where Do I go?  Teach me.... Well..... remember one of these movies called "Karate Kid" ?  Remember how teacher made the student sweep the floor?  Remember how it took some time before student actually started learning?  Same thing here.....  

Do not expect to hit the books without having passion... do not expect to want to learn how to catch RF Waves and analyze them without reason to do so... do not expect to make money without clients.... do not expect to do what you do without exposure to project management..... do not expect to do what you do without marketing.... do not expect to get motivated without strong desire to do things right.... do not expect to become all knowing in 2 weeks. 3 weeks, 4 weeks... 6 weeks or a  month. or 2....

What Rome Wells teachers here is long term strategies that can help you reach the gateway of informational highway and tap into your own skill set, tap into the method to attract companies to hire you, tap into being able to do more then just wifi, tap into your own inner self.  

There is also short term strategies called sprints... that Rome Wells can teach you, that can help you dive in quicker... into this field... and marketing and even help you reuse your skills in your community going beyond just information technology consulting or WIFI consulting.  

For example by leveraging diversification you can tap into local markets teaching them the very same concepts that I am teaching you in the world of business, information technology, cyber security, cloud, wifi etc... you will be shocked to see how far behind peiople are... in technology and  you will simply be amazed to see how Rome Wells uses the very same skills that you are so passionate about.... in local communities.. and how you can do the same..... Find out how visit

And remember the real reason why you are here... is not WIFI.... but rather.... fear... fear of being extinct.. fear of not knowing... technology fear of not understanding which path to take... in you career journey... fear of not understanding how WIFI and RF works... fear of not being able to deliver high quality service and fear of being able to fall behind....   Let Rome Wells help you break that fear... using incredible teaching tactics.  

Let Rome Wells use his teaching ability, philosophical values, psychological level of thought process that is going inside of your brain to guide you and help you end up getting steared in the right career path and help you make money regardless if it's wifi site surveying or beyond....

Note many students refer to Rome Wells as modern Mark Twain in the world of learning and educational advocacy.  

Rome Wells helped many students in many different fields and can help you Information Technology professional carry over your fear into confidence, carry over lack of knowledge, into knowledge, increase your chances of landing client leads in wifi and information technology consulting and provide you with recommendations for the tools you would need to make your journey pleasant, fun and most of all passionate, and in the process also hook you up with some discount savings.... after all some how Rome Wells has to make money right?

Mistakes that many smart WIFI engineers IT consultants do.... 

  • Trying to Analyze Rome Wells... and think that Rome Wells is a bull shitter... this is mistake number 1..... (when you think negatively you are only bringing that energy towards your self... learn how to break away from negative energy and embrace others advice from people who trully trying to help you)
  • Attempting to replicate what Rome Wells does...
  • Trying to reinvent the wheel... (do not attempt to do so... wheel was already created.. just use what you got.. and what you got Rome Wells relays to you fairly well in his teachings, philosophical teachings, technical teachings, mathematical teachings and beyond )
  • Do not attempt to think that you are the smartest out of everyone... remember there is always someone who maybe smarter... then you... always... never assume that just because you are IT consultant... or super duper engineer that you are the smartes of everyone else... this mistakes leads people into bringing themselves into abyss of negative energy which one day will catch you..... Always respect wisdom of others... Remember no matter how smart you are there is always someone smarter.  
  • Do not think Rome Wells is trying to fool you, read other product and course and technology reviews of Rome Wells in other fields and see how passionate his reviews are about everything he writes. 
  • Do not think that what you will learn in school is what you will learn from Rome Wells...they do not teach you in school about informational highways and hidden energy that exists around us... and how to tap into it... (this is considered border line crazy.... just remember that what is border line crazy is simply the genius factor)
  • Do not think Rome Wells is trying to brain wash you... if you do not like money do not read any of what Rome Wells says... if you do... then embrace his philosophies and learn... because at the end of the day his goal and mission is to deliver powerfull thoughts into your brain... the thoughts that one day will make you be thankful for what you have learned... and thoughts that will without a doubt put bread and money on your table.... 

Ok so wait how can Rome Wells help me?

Wrong ... question... instead of asking what Rome Wells can do for you should be asking what can you do for Rome Wells.....  and the answer to that question is..... continue reading... learn what I am teaching understand my advice... and worry about inner details of what tools in wifi exist, and how to use them as the last stage in your knowledge quest journey.

Ready to proceed?

Step 1.  Discover the truth learn how to tap into informational highway and go beyond WIFI

Before continue reading learn how Rome Wells teaches thousands of other companeis to tap into informational highway, and use that knowledge to carry over your thinking into WIFI. (you can learn more by visiting this url)  Read what Rome Wells does, and pay attention closely, because doing the same thing can help you tap into informational network.... the energy that can help you maximize your client leads, and maximize your willingness to learn more about WIFI and RF concepts, and wanting to proceed further with discovering tools and study methods.    Without Step 1... there is no desire...  and no passion...

In Step 1 you will see how Rome Wells uses his absolutely incredible skills of networking, by being able to connect to other companies, and being able to attract other companies and being able to attract clients and students.... read about these concepts that Rome Well teaches.... then after you read about them... proceed with the next step..... learning how to adjust... these concepts in the WIFI industry....

Step 2.  Begin the learning stage of actual WIFI and RF concepts.

Study information that Rome Wells will present on this site carefully, follow advice that he provides and see how he spins his advice in multiple directions to help create revenue from multiple angles, and you can do the same thing in your local area, helping you Information Technology consultant, transition away from the traditional information technoloy field into the world of networker......  

You can begin learning by either following our recommended courses or study guide resources or simply by purchasing Tutoring Services, LLC study guide for Wifi Professionals that shows examples of Real World quotes, contracts,tools being used, process of client communication, WIFI troubleshooting, on and on and on..

Step 3.  Use intercombination of the following skills to tap into local markets....

  1. WIFI
  2. Cyber Security
  3. Project Management
  4. Cloud
  5. Coding

You can tap into local markets by learning how to do that we show that in our marketing book on to make the long story short the secret is to build your own Network and Rome Wells can show you how.

Step4.  Learn how to become marketed in your local area with the help of Tutoring Services, LLC in WIFI, Information Security and Project Management

This step is rather interesting... because it can literally convert you into being actual WIFI or Information Technology consultant and being able to feed you clients... that are actual companies.... where our company Tutoring Services, LLC would get the share of earnings, but will solidify you in the direction of an independent consultant, who can provide these consulting services in your local area.    To find out more about our advanced marketing weapons that we sell to companies, independent  IT consultants visit this link and read our blogs to better understand our service.  Or contact us from contact form on to request help in getting marketed.


Wait so what about the products and all other tips, and tricks?

Come back soon..... we are working on it... we are partnering up right now with multiple wifi site survey providers........ and will be listing them in the order of our priorities... as well as other courses and tools....  and other info as well as our courses and tools.

Are you a WIFI or IT professional?

Do you think you can teach others Air Waves?  Why not earn some extra income on part time basis teaching others... Register on our sister site FREE of charge... increase your student leads and make money in addition to being IT consultant... times are tough... diversify.... find out how visit

Want to learn from WIFI books all the wifi concepts?

Visit our sister site get WIFI wireless books dirt cheap from other college students or directly online from cheapest book stores!


Are you a WIFI course provider or product owner?

Want to get listed in this section of the site? Contact us to see if we can provide review for your product, analyze it and see how it can help others.




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