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Regents Integrated Algebra NYS Test Prep Resources for High School Students

NYS Integrated Algebra Regents Exam for High school Students

The Integrated Algebra Regents exam is administered in January, June and August of every school year. Most students will take this exam after successfully completing their first year of study of high school-level mathematics.

The Core Curriculum for Integrated Algebra includes most of the topics previously included in Math A except for some aspects of geometry, locus, geometric constructions, and combinations. Integrated Algebra also includes an introduction to sets, functions, lines of best fit, and exponential growth and decay.

How long is exam?

Exam is 3 hours long.

Format of NYS Integrated Algebra Regents Exam

Make sure you know the topics on this exam, exam has the following format.

 Part I consists of 30 standard multiple-choice questions with four possible answers. There is no penalty for guessing. This section has a total of 60 points.

    Parts II, III, and IV each contain three questions. The answers and the accompanying work for the questions in these three parts must be written directly in the question booklet. You must show or explain how you arrived at your answer by indicating the necessary steps involved, including appropriate formula substitutions, diagrams, graphs, charts and so forth.

If you use a guess-and-check strategy to arrive at an answer for a problem, you must indicate your method and show the work for at least three guesses.    All integrated algebra questions in each of the four parts of the test must be answered.

Graphic Calculator Use for Integrated Algebra Regents NYS Test

Graphing calculators are required for the Integrated Algebra Regents examination. During the administration of the Regents exam, schools are required to make a graphing calculator available for the exclusive use of each student.

Students will need to use graphing calculator to work with trig functions of angles, evaluate roots, and perform routine calculations.

Knowing how to use a graphing calculator gives you an advantage when deciding how to solve a problem. Rather than solving a problem algebraically with pen and paper, it may be easier to solve the same problem using a graph or table created by a graphing calculator.

A graphical or numerical solution using a calculator can also be used to help confirm an answer obtained using standard algebraic methods.  

How to study for Integrated Algebra NYS Regents exam?

To make it easier for NY students and parents, Tutoring Services, LLC compiled collection and variety of methods to prepare for New York State Regiions exam.

Continue reading and view  algebra resources,  tutors, exam info and study guides for your NYS Regents Integrated Algebra exam.

Calculator Study Tip for New York State Students

Prepare with confidence ensure that you, leverage your calculator skills to derive solution and check back your algebraic solution.   Our Tutors in State of NY can help you learn mathematics tricks to help you pepare for this exam.

HOW CAN I IMPROVE MY Chances of passing this NYS Regents Integrated Algebra exam?

We have local and online tutors who can help you prepare for your NYS Regents exam, and not only in algebra but other Regents exams as well.  View our resources below to get help, also.

Learning Algebra Resources are powered by Tutoring Services, LLC

Everything you see on this site neatly organized, has been placed together for students preparing for NYS Integrated Algebra Regents by Tutoring Services, LLC.   If you are looking for online tutor to help you prepare for Algebra and help you learn these linear equations that you alwasy been struggling with but can't afford online tutor don't hesitate to visit our online tutoring site where you can find online algebra tutor to help you paper for your exam.  Click below.

Other helpfull Resource that can help you pepare for this course is Algebra Course below

       We have noticed that many topics on this exam are highly relevant to NYS Regents exam, check this course above and increase your chances of preparing for this exam, it's much moer affordable then private tutor, and covers lots of topics that are also on exam.

This course is not specifically created for NYS Regents, but does have lots of topics that are very similar and nicely explained on the video, taking this course is highly recommended when preparing for this exam.  The most effective method to prepare for NYS Regents exam is with the help of local or online tutor and self guided video course in Algebra.  Above course is just one of the courses that has many similar topics that are in NYS Regents Integrated Algebra Exam

We can help students find local NYS Regents Integrated Algebra Tutors in the State of NY


For Parents and Students in Westchester County NY

Site below has local tutors in Westchester Count NY

Visit our local NYS Regetns Westchester County Tutoring site to view tutors in the area

     You can compare tutors side by side, view their tutoring profiles, and  have peace of mind when selecting tutor to help you for NY State Regents Exam, site offers match making services for local parets in Westchester County NY. 

     Tutors who register on our site are managed by tutoring agency and work as independent contractors benefiting from being advertised on multiple local tutoring sites, resulting in many Regents Integrated Algebra tutors offering more affordable hourly rates for students in Westchester County NY.  Students can also buy tutoring discount packages from tutors and save money on educational expenses.

Site provides great selection of tutors to chose from, view pricing and educational qualifications of tutors. Majority of tutors are either certified math teachers or subject matter experts.  No need to be locked down to a single tutor, chose from multiple.  


For parents and students outside of Westchester County NY looking for Integrated Algebra Regents Tutor

If you can't find your tutor on that site or on the budget and do not want to pay any tutoring comission agencies fees, you can visit the site below, site below has independent math tutors who can help students with integrated algebra.  Our sister site does not charge tutors any fee to register and has a lot of tutors in the area advertising their tutoring services as independent tutors.  Since tutors are not managed by the agency, that does not necessarialy means that price is higher, it just means that parents do not get personalized match.  In some cases independent tutor hourly rates can be higher then agency tutors. 

Parents can contact tutors on this site free of charge, or pay $15 for first tutoring session trial in order to get personal contact information from the tutor and have tutor come to student's home.

Additional resource for students looking for math homework help in Algebra

Another helpful resources for NYS Regents Test Preparation students  is this site below.  This is our homework help blog site that has lots of usefull resources for students looking to prepare for Algebra.

Algebra Homework Help Site for Students

Click on this link algebra homework help blog site.

You can also visit our page to view other usefull algebra resources.

For any other NY State Resources continue browsing this site, we have complied collection of study guides that you may find usefull when preparing for your exam, in the form of exam secrets, flash cards, e-courses, tutors

Usefull Resources for New York State Educators trying to become certified teachers for the State of NY

Want to provide help for students of NY? Want to make extra part time income?  Want to prepare for your teaching certfication exam and increase your chances of passing your NYSTCE exam?  View our NYSTCE study guides for NY State test.  Click image below to view study guides.

Want to make part time income tutoring students Regents in the state of NY and live in Westchester County?

Are you an Educator who lives in Westchester County NY?  Want to tutor part time, help students prepare for New York Regents Math exams or other exams and make money?  If you answered Yes to all of the above question.  Visit



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