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The #1 Plan to Market your Tutoring company: Get New Student Leads, Make More Money, And Stand out From The Crowd

how to create your own network
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WARNING: Do Not Read This Book If You Hate Money

To build a successful business, you need to stop doing random acts of marketing and start following a reliable plan for rapid business growth. Traditionally, creating a marketing plan has been a difficult and time-consuming process, which is why it often doesn't get done.

In The #1 Plan To market your tutoring company or your local/online test prep business secrets revealed.  Book is written by passionate educational advocate and rebellious marketer Rome Wells, also commonly referred to by many students as Mark Twain of modern era.  

Rome Wells, reveals  marketing implementation breakthrough that makes creating a marketing plan simple and fast. It's literally a visual guide, divided up into multiple advanced marketing strategies. With it you'll be able to map out your own sophisticated marketing plan and go from zero to marketing hero.

Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced online or local tutoring or test prep company. The #1 Plan to market your company is the easiest and fastest way to create a marketing strategy that will propel your business growth.

In this groundbreaking new book you'll discover:

  • How to slam dunk your competitors.
  • How to increase your student leads for Academic subjects such as Math, Science, English or other type of Subjects including major test prep subjects.
  • How to make your local or online competitors cringe.
  • How to stand out from the crowd.
  • Tactics and tools you can use to create stunning visual graphics and marketing videos.
  • What Exams and Subjects Makes sense to focus on in your local or online subject area of expertise.
  • How to intercombine multiple Tutoring Services together to stay competitve
  • What is the best way to reuse multiple synergies to achieve fastest student leads.
  • How to stay patient with your plan and not get discouraged.
  • How to discover logical connections that can help you gradually obtain student leads.
  • It will show how to engage students and maximize your chances of convincing student to buy your product.
  • It will show how to build your sales page for your product.
  • It will show to create basic marketing analysis of your current local market or online market and what factors to watch out for, before attempting to start marketing to students.
  • It will show how to develop your brand and make others easier to remember your Tutoring Services.
  • It will show you method to create content fast and how to datamine, in another words how to get content and inter mix it with your own strategy.
  • It will show you do's and don'ts for how to market your tutoring business or test prep product.
  • It will show you how to inter-combine marketing with cyber crime protection in a way that helps you fight cyber crime, helping your website to stay secure. Our company fights cyber crime by educating others how to fight it, we can show you how as part of this study guide.
  • It will show you special tactics that can help you use power of networking to differentiate your self in such a way that would want parents to call you.
  • It will show you screenshots of actual student requests and our analysis explaining behind the scences what needs to happen on the marketing side to fuel even more of such types of student requests.  You get deep level behind the scenes analysis from psychological perspective, that can make students and parents be attracted to your tutoring service, we show you how!
  • It will take you through the stepping stones of setting up your marketing campaigns in a way that you literally clone your self in multiple directions, and having intelligent business processes do the marketing work for you!
  • It will show you references to videos that show you how each logical marketing networked process is built, you can see how Tutoring Services, LLC is doing it and repeat the same thing in your local area or for your specific niche!
  • It will show you sneaky tactic that you can use and reuse if there happens to be extremely annoying competitor who just doesn't let you succeed, it will show you key strategy that will slow down your competitor and make their heads spin, while getting you ahead of the game!  
  • It will show you what search engine is thinking and how you can adjust to what the search engine is thinking by tailoring it's algorithm in the direction of your tutoring business.
  • It will show you real world marketing strateges from an actual edu industry with explanations behind each strategy.  These examples others won't share with you but we will. You can use these examples in your industry and leverage similar strategy.
  • It will show you how to horizontalize and verticalize your marketing strategy and throw marketing punches and kicks like a kickboxer from multiple directions.
  • It will show how to inter-connect networks logically in a way that makes you being a good broker and offering something that everyone needs, which is education.


Bonus Item 1.  Discover how to become a local Educational advocate and business hero.

  • Learn how to become edu advocate and speak the truth and have people love you for it and wanting to work with you.
  • Discover secret service that you can offer to local businesses.
  • Learn how to become local business hero and drive business customer leads to you.
  • Understand what you can teach others by being local business and edu hero.
  • Discover common concepts that never change in the world of business and reuse these concepts by teaching local businesses these very same concepts!
  • Learn how to become a role model for not just small mom and pop shops, and small/medium businesse, but for entire families. 
  • Learn how to bridge your self from offering edu tutoring services to business and marketing services.
  • Learn how to make money going beyond education in your local area, the field that only educational professionals can tap into, due to the nature of this service.
  • Discover how to eradicate fear out of your equation and use fear factor to attract knowledge.

Bonus Item 2.  Discover single industry that can become your bridge to other industries helping you make money 

Discover amazing tactic and learn how to reverse engineer what works by tapping into single universal bridge type of industry (that is very popular), that will allow you to spy on others and recognize others who have managed to tap into informational highway and realize who they are and connect with them or reuse their strategies for your own educational business strategy.  

Learn how it works, and where to find informational highway Ninjas

The secret industry that Rome Wells will reveal to you will help you understand who makes money and time period when such individuals come out of their shells and reveal their secrets and how to understand who these people are, where they are and whether or not what they do makes money and how to find them.  

Use this industry to tap into other industries while relying on core Educational skills

This can help you tap into informational highway at another level and quickly cross the boundaries of your inner self and your inner greed by discovering the secrets of many enteurpreneurs.  The industry that I will reveal to you can help you open up gateways to additional informational highways in other industries and allow you to connect your self and your services to multiple informational highways, placing you on the path of success.



Bonus Item 3. Get Killer Whooping 21st century Easy Apps Suggestions and examples for how to use them!

  • Apps that can help you stick out like a thumb in comparison to other competitors.
  • Apps that can help you organize your tutors
  • Apps that can help you dive deep into your business without any major coding knowledge!
  • Apps that super charges your writing with creativity
  • Apps that will attract tutors to consider working with you.
  • Apps that will unleash your brain potential to see what you were not able to see before and be able to inter-connect multiple business conepts together, to make your marketing even more attractive.



About this Book Edition

This is the first edition of this educational marketing study guide, this book is specifically designed by Tutoring Services, LLC to help smaller local or online tutoring companies out there who are simply stuck in non digital age to learn how to improve ther business models and obtain more student leads.   However, this can also be great book for other marketers as well, who would like to see an actual industry specific example of marketing and get an upper edge in marketing.

How long did it take to write this book?

Couple of days, but than again Rome Wells, wrote many books in less than couple of weeks. His brain is absolutely incredible when it comes to writing books and not just books for educational companies, but also books for students in general.  

However strategies that we wrote about, took over 10 years to discover and put together conceptually, so even though book took only couple of weeks to write, the actual thoughts took 10 years to become realized.  Obviously this book will help you skip years of struggle and get you on the right footsteps.

Note replicating content of this books is literally impossible, content of this book was written in such a way that information was researched and gathered simultaneously in the process of business development and marketing with references to actual real world examples.

As you continue reading this book you will realize that not only does this book provide great level of comfort for your inner soul, but it also gives you joy and passion to continue reading it.  This is not the book to read if you do not enjoy learning.  Concepts that Rome Wells describes have to be not only be read by you but also looked and analyzed by you to click in your head.  

This requires navigating to real world examples, reviewing how Rome Wells strategized his educational network and repeating the same exact thing in your local area with extra twists in the mix making it even more unique and more attractive.

Note to be able to write excellent books and being great writer it no longer means simply being able to write. Now days in the 21st century it's the ability to create, and create based on reflections of others.  Rome Wells didn't just wake up one day and wrote this book.

Great content requires you actually doing things, and being in the field (often in multiple fields) and learning new concepts and understanding how ideas connected and work, and placing your self in multiple fields in multiple perspectives (but not far enough to end up like the guy in the movie "Split"), learning new industries and learning new businesses, learning people behavior and concepts, becoming psychologist, and opening up that 3rd eye that is within you and becoming the spiritual being.

This is when the ideas start clicking together.  This is when the great content comes out, this is when the great books come out and this is when you the future educational leader and local business edu hero of your local community become less greed oriented and more spiritually oriented to accept the truth, accept the reality and learn how to transition your self beyond your goals of making money to simply being a good human being, a great person and enjoying what you have, while gradually increasing what you have in the direction of happiness, because face it.... at the end of the day it's all about you being happy...

Money is just an indicator towards that happiness, but losing yourself in the moment, in the glimpse of the parallel reality across multiple industries, across multiple business strategies while maintaining the mathematical limits of sanity and switching between these limits and delivering help that others truly deserve in your local area is what would seperate you from others and make you gain that higher level inner happiness, because at the end of the day you may simply realize that money is not everying in life... and often dream and goal and ideas and desires and overall journey and flexibility of making mistakes while learning upon encountering them and fixing them is what the true happiness really is.

Rome Wells will help you discover that glimpse of reality, and help you position your self in the direction amazing realization that can only be experienced by doing..., and not just doing... but by doing it right way..... and Rome Wells will show you tactics and methods for how you can learn how to market your self or your edu business the right way, breaking the barriers of huge competitors, and breaking the barriers of anyone else who doubted you along your journey, while super-charging your inner self with spirtiual motivational guidance, the skill of which was developed by Rome Wells based on the desire of helping other students in multiple industries, and hacking into the waves of informational highway (just like hacking into WIFI), and delivering  the truth, the truth that you deserve to know as the business owner and future motivational educational advocate and local hero.

The truth that will make you strong, and the truth that will make others follow it and the truth that will help you put bread on your table at the end of the day.  The truth that you can leverage to spin in the direction of helping others and your self.  

The truth that can make you realize difference between you and others, the truth that can help you realize the true meaning of life, the truth that will teach you respect, the truth that will open up eyes for how to see things from multiple perspectives, the truth in some case that can turn you into a spirtiual believer in case if you are notthe truth that will help you jump from one reality to another by leveraging digital highway that you will discover from the concepts of marketing Rome Wells teaches.  

What was just described is the overall glimplse of information that you will learn from this study guide in combination with voice recordings and 1 on 1 private consulting/training/advice and educational lessons directly from either one of our marketing specialists or Rome Wells himself.  Note to reserve your lesson with Rome Wells, is literally like talking to Mark Twain of educational modern era.  

If you ever get a chance to talk to Rome Wells, cherish every single moment that he spends explaining you concepts, because this can super-charge you in the direction of being very motivated and happy person and make you want to do things.  Many students who talk to Rome Wells, often ask this question... "Rome... why is it every time i talk to you I feel like I should be making a lot of money or feel like i am about to start making a lot of money"  The energy Rome Wells provides is amazing, and often you will feel that awy and you will learn how to adjust the direction of your marketing strategy and will be more open to creating informational networks, and jumping boundaries from one network to another.

Note if you do not understand any of what Rome Wells, written so far... then this book is definitely not the right book for you... only true passionate educators and students or local edu business owners with desire to learn would be able to understand this...  this is not something you wake up and just end up understanding, this is something beyond your level of understanding, this is something that you can only learn by listening, asking questions, doing, verifying references Rome Wells shares and being open minded and not be afraid to sometimes jump outside of your limits to test out the waters (providing of course there is no major financial risk involved)

If you are thinking that this book is only here to teach you how to write information in the direction of spinning truth in the direction of helping your self with that being the only purpose, then you are mistaken, this book is not only about that (sure it's also partially about that that but not only)... there are many books about that.... that already exist... which you can read... (but none of them provide actual closely related examples that are relevent to the 21st century digital age!)

The reason why you are here is because content written in this book is closely related to you... beyond just the general philosophies and bull shit talk, but actual examples and references for how to market and which tactics to use, how to get these ideas, where to get them and how to attract others, not just by relying on some bull shit general talk that other books teach you, but providing concrete examples, contrete advice and contrete methods for how to market your local educational business, regardless if it's tutoring or something else.

What else will this book share with me?

It will show short term marketing strategies and long term marketing strategies. 

Why else is this book really good for you?

Why our Study Guide can be great gem for you?

It will be great for you, simply because you get to see how we created our marketing strategy and you get to see explanation of our marketing tactics from real world examples, you get to see it first hand from the perspective of an actual educational company  who went through the same stages as you did (or at least partially) . (note we are also educational marketing company in addition to an educational company and IT consulting company, something you simply do not hear about every day


Other reasons why this book will be great for you?

Main reason why is simply because it's not just the book, it's not the course, it's not just something that you read and understand.... it's an actual manual... actual real world experiences... with reference links to actual examples, the real world examples that you can actually navigate to... analyze, review and understand.... In static books references can not be made, in digital books references can be made to actual sites, to actual blogs, to actual examples.  

This guide will motivate you

The guide will either motivate you to reach the gateways of informational highway, or help you discover your self.  This book is not something that you will find in book stores, it will not be something you learn in college, school or university.  It is not science fiction, it's an actual book written by Rome Wells, an educational advocate, with pure passionf for education, philosophy, science, mathematics, business and many other things in between.  

This guide will make you want to learn

       If you have no strong desire to learn, then do not buy this book.   Do not attempt to read this, if you are planning to read it like a science fiction book or any other book for enjoyment purposes.  Read it only with an intent to understand concepts that can help you skip years of hard work and with the intent of helping others, learn based on Rome Wells mistakes, fast forward these mistakes and jump direclty into the right way of creating your local educational business.

      Reading what Rome Wells does can either save you a lot of money doing things wrong way or will end up making you lots of money.  The day when you learn how to get rid of greed and understand your true self and your purpose is the day when you will make great advancement in your inner self, allowing you to capture this beautiful life and help you feel joy and amazing desire to help others.    The desire will become so strong, that it will feel like a drug, like a magnet attracting positive and negative poles.

It will make you learn how to create, and drive and make you want to learn new things and discover ideas, and ways to attract more and more clients, student leads and whomever you chose to attract using the strategy that Rome Wells show you.

The goal of this book is to help you get that positive energy and remove your self from hate, from negativity and learn about life.... in such a way that will help you attract like a magnet other positive energy and will help you drive your success in positive direction.


What this book will not show?

It will not show specific business processes or methods that you must make tutors follow or students follow.  It will not show you how to create contracts, or make tutors responsible for thei actions, it will not show you how to do time management, or tracking tutors, or recruting tutors, or finding tutors.

It will not show you how to run background checks it will not show you how to structure your business. It will not show you how to convince tutors to become your agency managed tutors.  If you want all of that info, then you may want to consider purchasing our Business Analysis and Development books for Local & Online Tutoring companies, available upon request (and compiled for your particular business needs upon request). 

How is this book different from other marketing books?

Other marketing books are mostly tailored towards horizontal audience, who do not really provide any good tactical strategies for educational companies and mostly provide general advice, that you can find for free anyway in many other books.

That is not to say they are bad to read, it's just what we are saying is our marketing book is simply better especially if you are in educational industry and even if you are not examples that we show can be applied to other industries, but core emphasis of this marketing books for local tutoring companies and online test prep companies.

What is the goal of The #1 Plan to market your Tutoring Company?

The goal of The  #1 Plan to market your tutoring company e-book is to help you stay focused and show you marketing secrets that no other educational company would be willing to share.  Simply because other companies would rather keep these secrets to themselves.  

However our company is different, simply because we are not just an educational company, but also happens to be educational marketing company.  Therefore it's in our interest to share the truth with you, and help you get competitive edge over others, while helping you also seek and find the truth.  We sell the truth while others in most of the cases sell shortcuts.  In this book there is no shortcuts, but only hard work.

Will this book help me generate student  leads right away?

Yes we promise you, after reading this book you will learn how to generate student leads right away.  However, following long term strategies can help you better generate student leads and on consistant basis and keep your costs low!  Therefore we advice leveraging us to help you for your long term marketing strategy.  

It's in our interest to help you simply because we charge you yearly for the membership service model that we offer in the form of advanced educational markeing weapons.  Where we provide marketing services that encompass multiple types of business services for online and local tutoring companies and test prep companies, in the mix of the advanced marketing educational weapons.


Other marketing companies can not do that, because they do not have network of educational sites in tutor and test prep industry and often we get marketing companies ask us... can you show us these advanced markeing weapons we are interested.

Typically we show these marketing educational weapons only to local tutoring or online test prep companies or other educational companies, upon request and generate them based on their particular business model from template based marketing services types of solutions that we already cooked up, however depending on which company who contacts us, we modify these templates to reflect company's business needs (not every company is the same).

As we do that we create more and more types of marketing weapons, resulting in easier and easier for us to to market and sell.

However many marketers still ask us how do advanced marketing educational weapons look look like and can Tutoring Services, LLC show an example?  

Our response yes no problem purchase our tutoring lessons from our marketing tutors and we will show you what they are and explain how it works, we also show exmples of them in this study guide as well (so you can purchase study guide and see an example as well), and who knows maybe you can do the same in your industry and replicate these concepts to other industry.   Reason why we don't just show it, is simply because what makes sense to one company may not make sense to other.  

Therefore we simply prefer not to show it, and wait for companies to ask us for it.  We filter out company's requests just like we filter out tutors requests when it comes to enrolling anyone into our network, with the series of questions, that unless you are in that industry you simply wouldn't be able to answer.  

These set of questions differentiate companies who want to work with us in comparison to the ones who do not.  These who do not and simply attempting to discover secrets, we filter out.  Of course we can show you the secrets if you buy our consulting and tutoring marketing sevices.  

How can I trust what the book is stating here is true?

We will even show you screen shots of student voice mail requests or emails, so you can see how student requests look like what to expect, and whether or not what you are trying to pull off seems feasible or not based on what you end up reading in this book.

Yes but screenshots of student requests can be made up, why should I trust this book?

Indeed anyone can make up student email requests just to try to convince you to buy their book. However, this book is not our only source of revenue.  We have many different sources.  It's really not in our interest to make this stuff up.  We truly get student leads and we will show you how.

Wait I am still skeptical

In case if you don't believe us, you more than welcome to purchase Tutoring Services from us specifically for your online or local tutoring company in the form of the tutoring discount packages, where we can provide our consulting, guidence and training and even if need be, literally go ahead and direct student calls to your company and you can see for your self that student leads really are hapenning and not only that you can try match making them (and we can show you how that is of course if you purchase our training)

Let us help you free from your skepticism

What you will discover is indeed students constantly calling us, maybe as not as frequently as we would like, but nevertheless we don't want it to be too frequent.  Simply because our expertise is not only in educational match making, but in educational marketing as well and business solutions that we provide to tutoring companies. We can not have 1000s of calls coming in without being able to fully process them, to fully process student requests, we would need to be more verticalized type of education industry, something that is simply not part of our business model, but it can very well be part of your model.


What else will this book teach me?

As a bonus, It will also provide you with service offering for secret advanced marketing weapons which you can consider leveraging for your tutoring business.  The Advanced Marketing Weapons are solutions that Tutoring Services, LLC created which we can share samples of with you. Solutions that we created help tutoring companies increase student leads, where instead of simply relying on your self for doing all the marketing you can also rely on educational marketing services from Tutoring Services, LLC and yourself.  

We will share with you these solutions in the form of examples in this book, and you can decide if enrolling into our yearly, premium, basic, advanced or super membership is what you would be interested in.

What type of marketing solutions will Tutoring Services, LLC share in this book as a bonus?

Marketing Solutions for companies who have the following business structure.

  • Local Tutoring + Online Tutoring Companies
  • Only Local Tutoring Companies
  • Only Online Tutoring Companies
  • Local and Online Tutoring Companies specializing in the subject of mathematics
  • International tutoring companies specializing in Online Tutoring only targeting USA or English speaking countries.
  • Vertical companies specializing in specific industry who have both local tutoring classes that they offer and online tutoring classes.
  • Local tutoring company offering Academic Subjects + Non Academic Subjects
  • Online Test Prep companies specializing in specific industry only.
  • Online test prep companies who offer online clases only and specializing in horizontal industries.


For more info about our strategies


Check out section. However, on our google plus you will find a lot more info, that can help you get better convinced to buy this study guide.  Some of the information that you will find in this study guide is already revealed in the blog, however blog is different from e-book. In blog information is scattered all over the place across different articles.  In this guide everything is conviniently put together for with content of table, and visual images.  

Ready to buy?  

Contact us from the bottom right corner for agent to take your information and ask you to provide payment, clicking on Buy Now link will not take you to buy now page, until you first contact us.  We like to talk to our customers before they buy the product, to see if this guide will be great for their particular business needs or not.  

That's just one of other reasons why we are different from others, because we don't just blindly let you click on buy now button and sell this guide to you, we actually take your info and briefly answer any of your questions that you may have over chat.

Why do we do that?  

Simple because we realize you can also end up being our customer, therefore creating this bond and trust starting with the right level of communication can help not only you but us.   Plus who knows you maybe skeptical and want us to share some screenshots of student leads for example, or ask other questions.

We also explain to you in the book why many students in the community refer to author of this as modern age Mark Twain.  Something not that many company get, but we will show you how Rome Wells became such person and will show you how you can do the same, but in your field or sector or in your specific industry or local area.

Why is this book so expensive and costs $75?

Think of it as educational investment, besides you are not exactly a student (well you sort of are... but, not really), simply because you are a company or maybe independent tutor, so you can definitely hash out $75.

Of course you may still say why is this book $75?  The reason is simple, because nothing like this exists on the market, your other competitors will not share this info with you, but we will.  If someone comes up with something like this on the market then they can easily charge more, but in our case it took time to produce and create.   


Are there any other options for learning about how to market my tutoring business?

Voice Recordings sent directly to you

Yes you can sign up for 3 month workshop where we would send you voice mails directly to your email, providing our training to tutoring and online test prep companies with variety types of strategies for how to market themselves, how to build their business, what to watch out for, how to perform market analysis, how to data mine, examples of data mining, how to build your own educational network, on and on and on.  To sign up for voice audio workshops to be sent directly to your email contact us for pricing.  

What if I am in UK and want to dominate my local area?

Regardless if you are in UK or USA or Canada or any other English speaking country we can provide these voice recordings to you and you can leverage similar strategies for your local area.


Live presentation type of demonstration training where you get to watch live agent demonstrate marketing in front of you and building edu network


There is also another option where you get to watch one of our marketers literally build network, and showing you how to build it. Session takes in the form of screen sharing with voice of the agent and netcam explaining what he is doing, sort of like google hang out as he is working on doing marketing. 

It will show up in the form of the training live training, where our agent will be focusing on a specific exam and showing you how agent's brain thinks, by demonstrating in front of you live building of the network and marketing it, wireframing, brainstorming, embeding code, analyzing visitors, security of the site in real time, and having eagle eye view across entire network as well as engaging students, blocking malecious threats, creating graphics, and video content, and inter-combining study guides, and tutors together, right in front of your eyes.

As well as setting up campaigns in google and bing ad words (showing how to set them up accurately and using secret tactics to get the most out of your campaigns, showing you how to monitor them and restrict them not overload your budget and go broke).  Data mining and showing you every single element of what the search engine thinks of and looks for, and how force search engine to like you using the strategies that we show.  It's like getting into the ship with the captain and watching him steer the ship, and explaining  what is hapenning in real time and what he is doing. 

You can ask questions in the process as he is doing the marketing and building networks, but little personal attention will be dedicated to you, since technically you are just observing how marketer does multiple things and training is not 100% tailored towards, but highly relevant to you, since the main reason you are here is to learn how to market. Contact for pricing.


1 on 1 Live Training directly with you.

1 on 1 option where marketing expert will train you and consult you based on your business model and provide advice specifically towards your business model.  You can ask questions direct, and there will be better interaction towards you.  In this type of more personalized and direct training, you get recommendation, advice, consulting, training and strategies in real time face to face with the marketer.  

Who will look at your model and will tell you this is what you are missing, this is what you need, this is how you do it, this is what you need to focus on, and can meet with you hourly. You can buy tutoring discount package to secure multiple hours.

In this model you can literally ask your tutor about your business model, and he/she will recommend you special marketing tactics and what you need to do and guide you in the right path.  

Homework Assignments direclty from your Tutoring Services Business Strategist for you!

Having 1 on 1 tutor for your tutoring business marketing strategy development is one thing, however, what good is it without any type of homework assignments for you to advance your tutoring business further?   Probably not that good right?  Well with our tutoring services from our tutors you also get homework assignment at the end of each lesson telling you what you need to do for your business and in which area to focus and concentrate.  This is like being a kid in school and getting your algebra homework assignment from school teacher then hiring a tutor to help you with your algebra homework.  

Except in this case you are actually getting marketing homework assignment for your local or online tutoring business helpig you get ahead of others, by getting guided instructions from the tutor, who simply providing consulting advice in the form of the homework assignment assigned to you at the end of the lesson.

What does homework assignment do for me?

It helps you stay consistent with your local tutoring marketing and or online tutoring or test prep marketing.  This way next time when you meet with your tutor, he/she can review your results from homework completion.  These results is going to be your progress in your business based on what was recommended to you in the form of consulting advice during tutoring lesson.   There is no tests or any of that, there is simply you and the tutor and tutor's advice, and you simply take as many lessons as you can until you start getting student leads.

Your tutor will provide comments and evaluation from the perspective of what they think about your marketing tactics, and guide you further and continue assigning more and more homework for you at the end of every lesson.  Homework can be in the form of, an assignment such as "Build this", "build that"  

Show me your article writing, show me logically connected networked thoughts,  Show me areas you are targeting, show related areas, show your data that you gathered about other competitors, show me how you positioned your plan in the direction of crushing your competitors.  Note this is just examples of the types of homework assignments you would be getting after finishing our tutoring lessons.  Tutor will review different strategies with you and help you maximize your chances of beating competitors.   Contact for pricing. 

During this meeting with the tutor, you can get information for how to take one of your existing employees and convert that employee into trusted faithful employee, however to do that you must have multiple different types of synergies and reasons for that person to be faithful and trusted.

Your tutor can help you create these logical networked connections between your employee and your business and you, then assign you homework that will reinforce your understanding about these connections in such a way that you constantly use these strategies.  

Additional Bonus Add On for UK Online and Local tutoring companies only.

Special Marketing Tactic for UK Tutoring companies who would like to get more affordable tutors from USA


If you happen to be in UK, we will share you special marketing tactics which you can leverage to strategize your busines in the direction of offering online tutoring services for needed students and parents in UK England area or other area.  Where you get to use more affordable tutors from USA to provide lessons for students in UK.  We show you how to inter-combine your marketing with local and online service in such a way that can cover multiple types of student audience.  

We will show you how to make your self standout from others, by grabbing that smaller local area and building block by block different types of strategies that can help your business destroy competitors while gradually helping you gain competitive advantage.  

We will show you what can work in UK and what won't work in UK.  We can also show you reasons why.   Note we are not featured on Guardian or anything lke that... we are featured on our own network of sites and use our own brain to figure out synergies.  However, our service is so unique that we probably wouldn't be surprised at all if we ended up getting featured on Guardian.




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Tell us whether you like to purchase this study guide only or a tutor, or both study guide and a tutor, or study guide and voice recordings or intercombination of it all.  In the study guide  you will be exposed to advanced educational marketing weapons that we offer.  Which you may either want to sign up to help you get marketed or use knowledge obtained from this study guide.





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