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Real Estate Commercial Investment How to Analyze & Make Offers on Apartment Buildings in 10 mins

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Real Estate Investments
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Discover how to analyze Deals 

Learn how to Analyze Apartment deals when it comes to purchasing commercial real estate.  



 "It used to take me 4 hours to answer the question "how much should I offer for this apartment building?" but no more. I've discovered the secret to making an offer within 10 minutes of cracking open the broker's marketing package. It's not taught anywhere else - except in this ebook. I hope it helps you become a better real estate entrepreneur!"

Revew By Rome Wells about this Free Ebook

I have personally had the pleasure, reading over this FREE ebook, and was indeed surprised with the quality of the book and the overall learning effectiviness received form this FREE Ebook.

As you guys very well know, I am not professional commercial real estate investor of any sort, but recently, I myself started getting into commercial real estate and after studying multiple materials about real estate investmen business, I decided to share some of these materials with other folks, which I personally found useful.. 

In case if you do not know what the fuss is all about, the answer is simple... Commercial Real Estate if invested into properly can bring you wealth.

Here is why I found this ebook reasonable.

  1. It actually helped me save time on analyzing commercial real estate deals.
  2. It helped me better undestand math behind the numbers.
  3. It also helped me get higher level of confidence when it comes to investing into commercial real estate.

Now you may say Rome Wells, how much confidence have you gained from reading this FREE Ebook?  The answer is a lot... so much that I myself rapidly already making plans on purchasing my first property only 2 weeks later after reading this Free Ebook. 

I didn't say... I have purchased any commercial real estate propery yet, I said... I gained enough confidence to begin making plans in purchasing commercial Real Estate property (that is entirely different from having enough confidence to actually purchase it)

Now you may, say well, that is not good enough... Rome Wells anyone can gain confidence of planning for anything, but gaining enough confidence to pull the trigger and purchase one of these apartment building complexes based on the FREE Ebook that you are suggesting here, is what I was hoping to hear....

Indeed, I understand your logic, but remember this is a FREE Ebook, and as long as it's free you got nothing to lose plus after all you will gain some knowledge that will help you ramp up your confidence level, which can be potentially be the great catalyst for you to begin investing into commercial real estate properties and begin developing wealth.

Obviously if you want some sort of ebook that will help you truly develop higher level of confidence and put you extremely close into the mindset of purchasing your first commercial real estate then obviously this FREE Ebook will not be enough. 

In case if you want to go beyond FREE Ebook

In which case you can always check this link here to see an actual commercial real estate investment -e-course.... (just be aware though that it's a bit expensive)  Yes even though it's expensive simply ask Rome Wells for a coupon and I will try to hook you up.  I have great relationship with the owner of the e-course and can use my influential powers to possibly be able to get you 10% coupon.   

To get hooked up by Rome Wells with a coupon for this course that I just briefly mentioned in the link above.. simply message Rome Wells from the bottom right corner chat icon and ask Rome Wells if 10% offer coupon is available for the course mentioned above. 

Note I am not promising that I can hook you up with 10%, it depends if the owner agrees. However, I can talk to owner to see if he can make an exception and hook me up with the 10% coupon so I can give it to you, before you purchase your ecourse.

Anyway we got a bit side tracked.... back to FREE Ebook

What I was saying... is... yes.. going back to the free ebook, the ebook literally tells you tactical strategy you must use when finding your first deal, analyzing it and getting back to commercial real estate broker. 

The author of the book is Michael Blank, who happen to share lots of similarities between my own biography and his life journey.  The way he explains concepts is very easy to understand.  

The way he teaches Real Estate Investment in this book is by simply focusing on the 3 key-points below.

How to Analyze & Make Offers on Apartment Building Deals in 10 Minutes

    How to quickly analyze a deal and determine your maximum offer price - in 10 minutes or less.
    What to say to the broker to make the offer and start the negotiation process.
    Step-by-step case study on an actual 12-unit deal.


His strategy is simple, Michael explains that he was extremely frustrated analyzing deals initially when he first started investing, because it took him very long time to understand how much money he should offer for an appartment building.   

In the process of spending a lot of amount of time he discovered a way how to quickly understand if numbers makes sense or not, and not waist unnecessary time in analyzing the commercial real estate appartment building deals.

His discovery resulted in something beyond just being able to save time on analyzing commercial real estate deals. 

He managed to develop a system, step by step system that helped him analyze other deals uniformally in a way that can help him convince himself and other investors whether or not the property will be profitable.


You may say, well I do not need to know if the propery is profitable or not, I just need to know basic information such as how much rent property brings in and how much it costs, but trust me ....

There is an entire science behind commercial real estate investment, and I only managed to realize that science after reading that FREE Ebook, which led me in the journey of learning more and more about the real estate investment in the quest for gaining higher level of confidence before me pulling the trigger on my very own first commercial real estate property.

However, to even begin remotely thinking about this science, and developing better analytical skills it's important to understand math and numbers behind this science. 

In case if you are wondering why I bring Math into this conversation and why knowing math numbers matters, then consider reading my google plus collection blog, where I reveal secrets about commercial real estate investment business and provide precisely the reason why knowing the numbers and knowing how to read them extremely matters.  Here is the link to my blog site, sharing some free secrets for why math matters.

Why am i talking about math and how is this relevant to this ebook?


Indeed, you may say... Rome Wells. I am not good in Math, and i am a bit intimidated about math, how can this ebook teach me about math? 

The truth is... the ebook is going to open up your mind in thinking about numbers, and in fact at the end of the ebook, what you will find is a  reference link to deal analyzer software that Michael himself managed to cook up.   

The deal analyzer software, that he is reffering to in the ebook is the tool that can help you analyze deals and increase your level of confidence. 


FYI in this ebook Michael talks about secret deal analyzer spreadsheet

The secret spreadsheet that helps in gaining higher level of confidence when it comes to commercial real estate investment.

I also managed to analyze this secret deal analyzer spreadsheet that Michael cooked up, just like I have analyzed his FREE Ebook...  and I must tell you... before looking at these spreadsheets... my level of confidence in investing into commercial real estate was at 2%... after reviewing how math works behind commercial real estate business with the help of deal analyzer spreadsheet software... my level of confidence increased by the whooping 4%, bringging my level of confidence when it comes to investing into commercial real estate to the total of 6%....

Now you may say Rome Wells, so you are telling me that you managed to get 6% of confidence to invest into commercial real estate...  where you managed to gain 4% of confidence after reading free ebook and simply using Michael's deal analyzer software to get comfortable with the numbers and be able to better understand if the property makes sense to buy or does not?

The answer is yes 6%  

You may say... Well Rome Wells, 6% out of 10% seems like a failure to me...    Why should I even bother considering reading this free ebook and even bothering to check out deal analyzer software that Michael cooked up?

The reason why is because I am new to Commercial Real Estate, I have not.. invested actively before, other then being a passive investor at one point with my friend Nick... but I personally have not invested actively..   (hence the rise from 2% to 6% in my confidence level... is a huge number...)

Note to be honest maybe 1% of that higher confidence level resulted from other youtube videos I watched prior to even looking at Michael's FREE Ebook and software, hence in my line of book 4% is huge... number... 

Simply because that numbers represents my overall learning effectiviness... meaning.. after looking at numbers I was no longer guessing or assuming.. my level of assumption and guessing were significantly reduced after learning the science behind numbers...  and Michael's FREE Ebook was precisely the catalyst for my further passionate decision making strategies about continuing to dive further into commercial real estate investment business.

The Ebook is FREE, check it out here.