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CLEP American Literature Exam

CLEP American Literature Exam

CLEP American Literature Examination Description

The American Literature examination covers material that is typically taught in a semester study course (or the comparable) at the school level. It manages the composition and verse written in the United States from provincial times to the present. It is principally a test of information about scholarly works — their substance, their experience, and their creators — additionally require a capacity to decipher verse, fiction, and true to life exposition, and also a commonality with the phrasing utilized by abstract commentators and students of history. The examination accentuates fiction and verse and arrangements to a lesser degree with the exposition, show, and collection of memoirs.

In both scope and methodology, the examination looks like the sequentially sorted out review of American writing offered by numerous universities. It accept that hopefuls have perused generally and built up a valuation for American writing, know the essential artistic periods, and have a feeling of the recorded advancement of American writing.

The test contains more or less 100 inquiries to be replied in an hour and a half. Some of these are pretest inquiries that won't be scored. At whatever time applicants spend on instructional exercises and giving individual data is notwithstanding the genuine testing time.

A discretionary paper segment can be taken notwithstanding the different decision test. The article segment obliges that two expositions be composed amid an aggregate time of an hour and a half. For the first exposition, a typical subject in American writing and a rundown of major American writers are given. Applicants are requested that compose a very much sorted out article talking about the way that topic is taken care of in works by any two of those writers. For the second paper, hopefuls are solicited to react to one from two themes — one obliging investigation of a lyric, the other obliging examination of a composition portion. For every situation, the particular sonnet or composition portion is given and inquiries are offered to direction.

Competitors are relied upon to compose all around sorted out papers in clear and exact writing. The exposition area is evaluated by personnel at the organization that demands it is still directed in paper-and-pencil group. There is an extra charge for taking this segment, payable to the establishment that manages the

Knowledge and Skills Required for CLEP American Literature Examination

Questions on the American Literature examination require candidates to demonstrate one or more of the following abilities in the approximate proportions indicated.

•  Ability to understand and interpret short poems or excerpts from long poems and prose works presented in the test (about 25 to 40 percent of the examination)

•  Knowledge of the historical and social settings of specific works, their relations to other literary works and to literary traditions, and the influences on their authors (about 10 to 15 percent of the examination)

•  Familiarity with critical terms, verse forms, and literary devices (about 5 to 10 percent of the examination)

•  Knowledge of particular literary works—their authors, characters, plots, style, setting, themes, etc. (about 45 to 60 percent of the examination)

The subject matter of the American Literature examination is drawn from the following chronological periods. The percentages indicate the approximate percentage of exam questions from each period.

Examination Syllabus for CLEP American Literature Examination

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