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MicroServices Monitoring Hands On Training Program

Studying for Microservices Monitoring Job Interview?   Or perhaps want to learn more about how to monitor microservices environment? 

If that's the case then why not review some of the study materials that can help you pass your interview with flying colors.  Or better what, why not actually try learning micro-services together with the help of a subject matter expert?

Did you know that you can make very good money working as a subject matter expert in the world of cloud, software defined networking, micro-services monitoring, cyber security and beyond by simply learning how to monitor data from point a to point z?

The trouble is there are so many vendors out there to study from, so many fields to conquer.  It becomes quiet difficult to understand what you must master in order to better prepare for micro-services monitoring solution architect position.

Our company DBA Binary Fusion makes the concept of learning very easy.  We help students learn how to monitor micro-services.  We have created several study guides with special reference links showing you what you need to study in order to get very good in monitoring things like Lambdas, Kubernetes clusters etc. 

Why Study for MicroServices Monitoring Field?

Many students perhaps may ask the reason why should they study for being able to monitor micro-services?

You see there is a huge demand in the field of monitoring.  One field in particular that is absolutely incerasing in demand is the field of MicroServices level monitoring.

For example take a look at our own consulting website where we advertise our Micro Services Consulting services.  If there wasn't any demand, we wouldn't be offering our consulting services in microservices.  

However, we offer it and not only do we offer such consulting services, we also train students in how to monitor serverless functions and micro-service architecture environments.

Take the Training in MicroServices and Maximize Your Chances of landing a job

Taking a training from our company DBA Binary Fusion, will help you learn the environment quicker, and will maximize your chances of landing a job in a Financial organization, Health sector or any other sector for that matter.

  • You see many employers will ask you for experience, and if you just study on your own without any hands on training... then it will be tough for you to get a job. 
  • What our company DBA Binary Fusion does, is it helps students not only with micro-services monitoring learning materials, but with the actual hands on training. 
  • The very same training that can pave your the road for your next MicroServices Monitoring Job.
  • What we are currently looking for students, who are about to graduate from college in their Junior or Senior year of their Bachelors Degree program or other math and science relevant degree program to join our hands on training program as a micro-services monitoring Analyst.

What we offer as part of our Training Program

As part of our program we will provide you with self study materials for how to monitor micro-services environments.  We will provide you access our infrastructure so you can practice monitoring micro-services, under our guidance. 

Some of the projects that we will assign to our students will pertain to actual real world use cases in the field of information technology. 

Meaning we have multiple clients who we work with and have strategic partnerships created that makes it easy for us to attract customers. 

In case if you are wondering how we attract customers you can take a look at this link on our consulting website.  This is just one of many methods that we obtain micro-services customers.  These very same customers are looking for subject matter experts, perhaps the future you.

What we do we simply train you based on the actual use cases, in the form of a non-paid 3 months internship.  

Doing Real World Hands On Internship is a big deal

Doing this internship will help you gain practical real world hands on experience in the field of Monitoring MicroServices.  It will help students break the chicken and the egg connundrum for having no experience = no job. 

Additionally, for some of our exceptional students who finished our training program, we offer part time opportunities or even in some cases full time opportunities working for one of our clients. 

Although, no gurantee that this will be the case for every student applicant, simply because we have limited number of clients that we work with, yet at the same time this gives very good incentive for working hard and doing well in your internship and completing the micro-services monitorings tasks requested. 

So what does our company DBA Binary Fusion gets out of it? 

What we get out of this is that if you finish our training program for 3 months, and we connect you to one of the micro-services employers. 

You would work for the first 2 years at a reduced salary rate. In the company where we place you in, could be financial,sector or  manufacturing sector, health care or any other.

What happens if we don't place you?

If can't place you into one of the companies, we will try to place you with one of our direct clients.

  • Meaning we place you with either our own direct clients if we see that you happen to be very good in monitoring micro-services and we have spot available or we just help you with your resume, and wish you luck.    
  • Having a resume with real world experience is a lot better than having resume with no experience.  
  • Since our 3 months real world training is not exactly free of charge, we do pre-qualify students.  Pre-qualification requires interviewing students for IT technical strengths.  
  • At the end of the training you will be provided certificate of accomplishment from DBA Binary Fusion as a graduate student from MicroServices Training Curriculum.  You can use this certificate in your resume and we can provide reference for your as well, helping you maximize your chances of landing a job in the field of MicroServices Monitoring.
  • Upon graduation of our MicroServices training program we will also help you with your resume prep, and provide advice for what certificate makes sense to prepare for in order to maximize your chances of landing a job.


What is the cost of our program?

Our program is free of charge for college students who are in the process of graduating.  The main reason why we are doing this is simple.  We need help, monitoring serverless architecture and we believe that you can be the one who can help us, while at the same time getting mutual beneficial help from us, in context of maximizing your chances of landing a job upon completion of the training program.  

The reason why you would want to join is because employers are not willing to hire someone without experience.  Another reason why you would want to join is to gain knowledge, and get help from our company, giving you a good reference for your next job.  Reference that pertains to the actual real world experience, vs something that you just watch on Youtube.

  • Other reason that you want to join is simply because by joining our Internship Training program in MicroServices Monitoring you will be able to expand your technial expertise, and will be able to have higher chances of landing a job in the field of information technology.  
  • Our goal is to place you into a company that would hire you, but if we fail to do so then at least we can help you maximize your chances of landing a job on your own. 
  • We have connections with multiple recruiters who we work with, and although there is no promise that we will place you with any company, there is a promise that we will try our best in making sure that you are either placed with one of the companies where you happen to work as a consultant under our name (by the way it doesn't have to be DBA Binary Fusion name... it can be one of our partners name) or simply helped with your resume in order to maximize your chances of getting a job on your own.
  • What we get out of it is your time in helping us solve some of the micro-services related issues that we are facing on regular basis and looking for help with.  Hence this is a win win scenario, where you learn, you execute, and at the end you have higher chance of landing a job.  


To learn more about our MicroServices IT Training Program, visit IT Training (

1 on 1 MicroServices Monitoring Consulting for Students and Employers based on the block of hours.

Note we also offer 1 on 1 training, where you can buy a package of tutoring hours, where dedicated micro-services monitoring expert gets assigned to your use case, helping you with your challange. 

We have multiple micro-services monitoring experts who specialize in different types of vendors ranging from Sumo Logic, New Relic, Splunk, DataDog, Grafana, Prometheus etc..

Many of our experts are well equipped with AWS and cloud expertise.  To view some of our experts visit our custom built search engine specifically designed for students and employers who are looking to hire consultant on part time basis, based on the block of hours. For example navigate here to view some of our experts.

To learn more about our Non-Paid Internship program contact us at (203)340-0391 to discuss your needs.  Or email us at

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