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Checkpoint Study Guide Advanced Training Course

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Interested in learning CheckPoint firewalls not sure where to start? Not sure how to even get your hands on such expensive firewalls? Trying to find IT Networking Job but see that it's asking you for all sorts of CheckPoint experience which you do not have and therefore can't get the job you want to get? Missing out on that 100k + job simply because you do not have IT Network Security Experience in CheckPoint? Or perhaps do not have IT Network Experience overall? Tutoring Services, LLC offers comprehensive IT training in CheckPoint Firewall Administration.

Complete course showing you exactly how checkpoint firewalls operate, showing you advanced course on how to manage VPN firewalls, how to create VPN tunnels between the firewalls, showing you how to troubleshoot firewalls, and best of all how to investigate root cause of why something is getting blocked and being able to resolve complex blocking issues.

Throughout this course you will gain access to one on one training with an actual IT Network Consultant who will share his screen log into CheckPoint Firewall in the test environment and get you trained on the CheckPoint Firewall appliance, couple of appliances available to train on, Edge VPN firewalls, Nokia Firewalls and SMART 2200 series appliances. Advanced course is only $50 per hour.

By the end of the course you will get Certification of Completion From Tutoring Services, LLC and will get an opportunity to land network consulting job internship in computer networking field handeling IT Networking projects, this will help you get into the IT Network Security industry and break the conundrum of not having experience prior to getting IT Network Security Job, or Firewall Network Administrator Job, Or Network Engineering Job.

Course covers the following topics.

  • Top 50 CheckPoint Interview Possible Questions You May be Asked.
  • 10 hour Online Training Course On CheckPoint with leading IT Network Consultants
  • Course includes Shared Online Desktop one on one Training with IT Consultant doing Training Lecture with you
  • Certificate of Firewall CheckPoint Administration Course Completion From Tutoring Services, LLC
  • Opportunity to land Free Internship Helping you To Break Into IT Network Consulting Industry

  • Course will cover hands hands on lecture exercises with instructure side by side overseeing your every single step.

    Checkpoint Advanced Troubleshooting Course will cover the following topics

    • URL Filtering Management
    • Firwall Object Oriented Features
    • Advanced Networking & Clustering
    • Advanced Firewall Troubleshooting
    • Application Control and Identity Awareness
    • Firewall Management Server Capabilities
    • Checkpoint Trick Interview Questions
    • Brainstorming Exercises involving tcpdump, fwmonitor and other fun checkpoint commands.
    • Advanced Routing with Automatic Failover to Firewall VPN
    • IP SLA Tracking in Conjuction with Cisco Equipment
    • Assymetrical and Symmetrical Routing Discussion
    • Firewall Management Best Practices
    • Internet Redundancy and Business Continuity
    • Advanced Logging and Rules Organization Techniques
    • Interoperabiilty Issues and Practical Examples of VPN Tunnels
    • between Cisco and CheckPoint Firewalls

    Optional Service, Our company will train you and help you get the CheckPoint Firewall Administration Job Seperate fee apply.

    Our Instructors are highly qualified IT Network Professionals who have lots of experience not only in the firewall industry but in IT Networking industry alltogether.

    Where can I work after completing this course?

    You can apply to work at any major company who needs CheckPoint Engineer or in any company who requires IT Network Security Expert specializing in checkpoint firewall. This course increases your marketability and makes it much easier for you to land CheckPoint Network Administration job. Don't wait contact us today.